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About Us

A woman-owned business, Shoppers, Inc. services companies in a variety of industries nationwide, including retail, banking and restaurant. Shoppers, Inc. provides feedback on basic customer service quality through a variety of services: mystery shopping/secret shopping, customer service surveys, customer service training, competitor and pricing audits and a variety of other related services.

The goal of our services at Shoppers, Inc. is to help companies improve their overall customer experience, which allows you to build loyalty and repeat business. We accomplish this by providing feedback to company management from a customer's point of view. The use of customer surveys and mystery shoppers gives management the ability to review service and procedural skills of employees, while customer service training can guide your employees to take the customer experience to the next level.

When proper procedures are followed and good service is provided to customers, the overall success of any company will be improved through increased sales, employee retention and the decrease in losses due to employee error or fraud.




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